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About Ridgeline Recovery West Jefferson

Our Mission Is:

To help people with substance use disorders recover wisely. Our team uses love, dignity, respect, kindness with discipline, boundaries, and science to help patients live peaceful and fruitful lives.

Ridgeline Recovery West Jefferson seeks to empower those struggling with addiction to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Our medically informed addiction treatment works for clients who want to conquer addiction and for loved ones who struggle with its ripple effects. We focus on strength, both physical and emotional, to help you take control of your demons and conquer addiction.

Ridgeline Recovery West Jefferson specializes in outpatient, office-based treatment for addiction, focusing mainly on opioid addiction. We build treatment plans that include evaluations with physicians, buprenorphine or Vivitrol prescriptions, weekly urine tests, weekly (or more) counseling by licensed counselors, a monthly follow-up with physicians, group and individual counseling, and intensive outpatient counseling. In addition, we provide social services for housing, food, jobs, and other family needs and issues.

We use a combination of counseling and medication-assisted treatment to support an ongoing, successful recovery as part of an individualized treatment plan. We are committed to providing expert care and services designed to successfully help patients and treat them with kindness and respect.


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How We Help Patients:

Provide treatment that is consistent with other chronic disease treatments and use successful philosophies.

Remove stigma and shame that has long been associated with addiction and dependency. Instead, we accept every day of recovery as a victory.

Maintain a culture of structure, encouragement, and celebration.

Improve life function by optimizing patient happiness, self-control, and spirituality while creating beneficial relationships and a lifestyle supporting optimal health.

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